TDSystem Beratung & Training

TDSystem Consulting & Training — this brand I do utilise for my free lance business since about 1990.

On the second transformation from an employee to a free lancer (see Personal) I had to find a name to run my free lance business. Operating as "Dipl. Ing. Thomas Dausner" didn't appear to be too successful. So I was thinking about a name telling something about my business. At my first time free lance business I had chosen the name "CSC Computer Solutions Consulting". Oops, this abbreviation then got used by CSC Ploenzke, no way for me.

TD are my initials, systematic consulting and training are my targets. Sic.


focus.pngThe focus of my activities is the development cycle of a web application:

  • register and analyse the specification
  • set up a prototype (click dummy)
  • implement it using a CMS
  • set up a run time environment
  • deliver in production

Technologies applied are

  • front end: HTML, CSS, bootstrap and JavaScript/jQuery
  • back end: database access by AJAX/SOAP and PHP/Java
  • agile project management methods
  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP)


For years i do run the software development business. That's my profession and vocation. Web development is my passion. Learning new technologies is a part of my life. Learning is no one-way-street, the learned knowledge I like to share. As a member of an international team I feel home.